Attached hereto is the link to the most recent revised 2018 County Budget.  This budget could be revised before being adopted on December 19th.  This budget was sent to all commissioners on December 22nd as the recommendation from the Finance Committee. 



DECEMBER 5 - 10 AM - Citizens Hall
DECEMBER 19 - 7 PM - Citizens Hall

Contact for Board of Commissioners -bdcommissioners@co.douglas.ga.us or  (770) 920-7266.


1)  Are there any plans to widen POST ROAD?  As I stated at the meeting, I was unaware of any plan to do so.  I checked with the County Administrator and he has not heard of any plans to widen it either.
2)  If theTax Commissioner has collected all the back taxes that appeared in the newspaper, why is there a deficit?  After checking with Finance Department, they reported that about $2 million COUNTY back taxes had been collected thus far in 2017.  However, when the budget is comprised, delinquent tax is considered in estimated revenues for the next year.
3)  Why do contract employees get merit pay increases?  Departments Heads were placed under contract several administrations ago so the commissioners had more control over hiring and firing them.  This could only be accomplished by removing them from the Merit System. Somehow, the practice was then and continues today to treat them as regular employees when it comes to all pay increases.  After learning they get merit increases, I continue to question the reasoning behind this practice.
4)  What happens to the 4 buses (15-passenger vans) already delivered if system's funds are removed from 2018 budget?  This is yet to be determined.  However, even if the funds are not in the 2018 budget, the issue of the bus system is not DEAD.  The Transportation  Committee is still moving forward; however, there should be many opportunities and/or public meetings for the citizens to voice their opinions on this issue.
5)  How much has been spent on consultants regarding the Bus System?  The Transportation Services Study (covering ALL transporation services within Douglas County) done in 2015 cost $179,613 with a FTA grant paying $143,690 and the county's matching share  being $35,923.  The study done by the Transportation Committee in 2017 (totaling $7,444) conducted by Connetics was paid partly by a FTA grant of $5,955 and the match by the county of $1,489.

A question I get asked all the time is "What can I do to help shape the direction of our county?"  This is especially true when you work out of the area.  I would offer these suggestions:

1)  Subscribe to my Newsletter at http://annjonesguider.com as I try to keep the citizens aware of the most important issues before the BOC.  You can also contact me at home thru this site.
2)  Watch the Work Sessions and the BOC Meetings at dctv23 
http://celebratedouglascounty.com OR on TV....
Direct-TV Channel 99 and Comcast Channel 23.  Meetings are on the first and third Mondays and Tuesdays of the month.

3)  Let YOUR voice be heard by emailing bdcommissioners@co.douglas.ga.us or calling (770) 920-7266
to express your opinion and/or concerns.
4)  Talk to your neighbors and friends and encourage them to become involved too!


HWY 5 ROUND-ABOUT (Banks Mill/Pool Rd/Dorsett Shoals)
Shared by Ms. Anna Cobb from GDOT 

"This project is currently in the concept stage. The concept report has been prepared and submitted for approval. Preliminary design can begin once the concept report has been approved. Field surveys and environmental surveys have also been completed. Environmental technical studies are scheduled to begin in February 2018.

Regarding right-of-way acquisition, no land has been purchased for this project to date. Right-of-way acquisition can begin once the environmental document has been approved and right-of-way funds have been authorized. The project schedule currently shows right-of-way funds authorization in February of 2019.
Sam Allen
Project Manager