GREAT NEWS –Resurfacing of parts of Douglas Boulevard will begin this week by the City of Douglasville, including that part between Bright Star Road and Hwy 5.  Anyone who uses Douglas Boulevard on their way to town or the mall (of which I am one) knows how bad that section is.  More good news is the paving will be done in the evenings.  Thank you Mayor and City Council!


SEEING IS BELIEVING – many of you know that I have complained quite extensively about the fact that the SPLOST funds for Parks and Recreation did not appear that they would be available by the time the projects for the western side of the county were reached.  Much larger projects on the eastern side of the county were fast depleting the funds.  The parks of the western side are the much older parks and SPLOST dollars were suppose to fund extensive renovations, some of which were replacement of concession stands, dugouts, restrooms, bleachers, etc.  Kudos to Madame Chair who decided she would personally tour these older parks and to say the least, she was certainly NOT pleased with what she saw.  She has told me that she will be doing everything in her power to get a lot of the much needed renovations done to these parks.  Let us all pray that she will be able to get this done, and I will help her in every way possible to see this through.

WOULD YOU BELIEVE THAT OUR PORTION OF I-20 is one of the most dangerous highways in the State of Georgia?  Almost every day on the radio or television you hear of an accident on I-20 in Douglas County.  I don’t know if you have ever noticed our county seal which includes the sun on it.  The reason for this is that when traveling to Atlanta in the morning on your way to work, you are facing the sun.  Also, when you are returning home from work in the afternoon, you are facing the sun.  Although we may have bragging rights that Douglas County has a “place in the sun”, it does have it negative impact too.  So, be careful out there in your commute, keep some good sun glasses in the car, and take it slow and arrive home safely.


During the month of August, using the data from a 7-day period, the average ridership for all 4 routes was between 56-57 people per day.  The most popular route seems to be Route 40, which travels from Douglasville to Lithia Springs and connects to Cobb Linc.  This route eventually ends up at the Holmes Marta station.

The least traveled route was Route 30, which connects the Wal-Mart on Thornton Road to the Amazon, West Rock, Medline, and Coloplast warehouses, as well as to the Tributary community.  That route averaged about 2 people each day.

Total collections of ridership fares from kickoff  at the first of July through August 22 was about $8,000. I will keep you posted as the data is given to me.  I am sure they will have to critique the system as they go forward to improve the ridership and service delivery area.

The Board of Commissioners voted to NOT roll back the millage (tax) rate this year due to the increase in assessments with a vote of 3-2.  This resulted in a small tax increase, especially for the small businesses. Chairman Ramona Jackson Jones and myself voted to decrease the rate but Commissioners Robinson, Mitchell, and Carthan voted NOT TO DECREASE THE RATE.