I know many are upset about the closings of parks, and especially places like Clinton Farm.  I asked why open-air places like Clinton had to be closed, as so many citizens love to use the walking track.  I was told it was necessary due to the restrooms and the playground area which could be compromised during this crisis.  Please be patient and possibly seek other areas you might be able use.  I know many churches, parking lots, the mall, etc have large areas that could  be used for walking.  They may not be as scenic but remember this is only temporary.  Please stay safe and follow the guidelines issued by the different agencies!


As of this writing, the Planning and Zoning and the Board of Commissioners are scheduled to consider a PUD request for a huge project being proposed for the southern end of Douglas County in District 4.  The meeting is scheduled to occur on April 13, 2020, at 6 PM. in Citizens Hall at the Courthouse.  This meeting could be cancelled due to the restrictions placed on open meetings resulting from the Coronavirus outbreak. 

PUD is a Planned Unit Development which is a type of building development and also a regulatory process.  The PUD concept allows mixtures of both varied and compatible land uses (i.e. housing, recreation, commercial centers, and in this case agricultural) within a single development.

To allow the public time to view this project, ask questions concerning it, and have input into the project, I am sending out the following link describing more of he details on the proposed project:


The proposed project, in short, is a very green, clean, and minimum impact on the surrounding area, although it will include over 1,100 acres dedicated to a Wellness Preserve.    This project is aimed towards the following.

• least disturbance of natural setting and wooded areas
• implement a concept of ‘building with the trees’
• achieving a USGBC LEED Platinum rating
• use a contemporary and modern architectural vocabulary
• create a wellness core at the heart of the site catering to various therapies and wellness programs
• have spaces for fostering a community feeling among attendees
• engage with nature and agriculture
• promote active living through hiking and riding trails

The link below will provide a single overall development plan of the entire site (14 mb) that can be downloaded and printed clearly in any size.


Please address your questions to our Director:

Ronald M. Roberts, Jr. AICP

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