Agenda for the Planning and Zoning meeting this Tuesday, June 2, 2020, at 6 pm


Approve minutes from the 3/3/2020 meeting.



A request to amend Article 2, Section 205(a) of the Douglas County Unified Development Code relating to the Application of the Comprehensive Plan to allow the PUD zoning district designation within all future land use character areas as depicted in Table 2.1.



S2020-10          Tushar Patel – A request for a Future Land Use Map amendment from CVC (community village center) to CC (commerce center), a rezoning from C-N (neighborhood commercial) & C-H (heavy commercial) to LI (light industrial) and a Special Use Permit for a truck stop/gas station located at 7355 & 7803 Lee Road, Lithia Springs, 30122.  Land Lot(s) 626, District 18, Section 2 & Parcel(s) 4, 9 & 10.  Land lot(s) 667, District 18, Section 2 & Parcel(s) 8.  Lot size:  4.14 acre(s).  Application signed by Tushar Patel.  Commission District #1.  Tabled from the March 3, 2020 Zoning meeting.

Z2020-15         The Preserve – request for a REZONING from RA to Planned Unit Development (PUD) together with approval of the Overall Development Plan (ODP) and Overall Development Standards (ODS) governing the development.  The planned development is comprised of residential, recreational, agricultural, civic and commercial uses in a predominately undisturbed rural campus setting.  Located on the South side of Highway 166; along Cantrell Rd; together with 6748, 6764, and 6834 Five Notch Rd, Douglas County, GA, described as Parcel 3 in Land Lots 15, 18, 19, 20, 27, 28, 29, 38; Parcels 5, 6, and 12 in Land Lot 28; Parcel 34 in Land Lots 28, 29, 36, 37, 46, and 47; and Parcel 5 in Land Lots 46 and 47, all within District 3, Section 5.  Lot size: 1,100 acre(s).  Application signed by Amruth Surapaneni.  Commission District #4

Z2020-16           Favio Hernandez – A request for a rezoning from R-LD (residential low density) to AG (agriculture) for a working farm located at 6407 Brownsville Road, 30122.  Land lot(s) 241, District 18, Section 2 & Parcel(s) 4.  Lot size: 35.5 acre(s). Application signed by Favio Hernandez.  Commission District #1.

S2020-17          Garry Thomas – A request for a Special Use Permit Renewal to repair boat engines from the home located at 8151 Tyree Road, Whitesburg, 30185.  Land lot(s) 120, District 3, Section 5 & Parcel(s) 29.  Lot size: 2.4 acre(s).  Application signed by Garry Thomas.  Commission District #4.

Z2020-18           Atlanta Kitchen Equipment - A request for a rezoning from R-LD (residential low density) to LI (light industrial) to expand current facility located at 1160 Marie’s Lake Road, 30134.  Land lot(s) 640, District 18, Section 2 & Parcel(s) 2. Lot size: 1.198 acre(s).   Application signed by Sam Tidwell.  Commission District #1.

S2020-19          Cara Roberts – A request for a Special Use Permit to allow cosmetic services from the home located at 5655 Chapel Hill Road, 30135.  Land lot(s) 68, District 1, Section 5 & Parcel(s) 13.  Lot size: 2.4 acre(s).  Application signed by Cara Roberts.  Commission District #3.

Z2020-20           Sidney & Linda Southards – A request for a rezoning from R-A (residential agriculture) to C-H (heavy commercial) for future commercial use located at 2428 Lee Road and 8937 Old Lee Road, Lithia Spring, 30122.  Land lot(s) 1010, District 18, Section 2 & Parcel(s) 2 & 3. Lot size: 3.6 acre(s).  Application signed by Sidney & Linda Southards.  Commission District #2.

S2020-21          Ronny Williams – A request for a Special Use Permit Renewal to fix appliances from the home located at 6299 Central Church Road, 30135.  Land lot(s) 126, District 2, Section 5 & Parcel(s) 166. Lot size: .56 acre(s).  Application signed by Ronny Williams.  Commission District #4.


S2020-23          Lee Road Self-Storage – A request for a rezoning from C-N (neighborhood commercial) to C-H (heavy commercial) and a Special Use Permit to bring the property into zoning compliance located at 7335 Lee Road.  Land lot(s) 626, District 18, Section 2 & Parcel(s) 5 and partial 9.  Lot size: 2.036 acres.  Application signed by Frank Calloway.  Commission District #1.

First ever virtual Planning & Zoning meeting planned for June 2, AT 6 PM.  Here are the instructions for the public on how to participate:

Douglas County has two ways to participate in the June 2 Planning and Zoning Board public hearing.

  • Direct link to Microsoft Teams – if your computer is enabled with a microphone and video camera, we can send you an invitation to join the meeting using the email address you provide.  You will need to be able to access Microsoft Teams through a website or through the Microsoft Teams app.
  • Conference Line to the Teams meeting – if you would prefer to join via a conference line, please send us the phone number you will use to access the meeting and we will send you a telephone number for a conference line with access code.  We need your phone number so we will know to allow you into the meeting when you call.  This option is recommended for individuals who cannot access the meeting via a personal computer.

 Please reply to this message with the following information:

  • your name
  • your address
  • your email address (if you choose to access the meeting via Microsoft Teams) OR
  • your phone number (if you choose to access the meeting via conference line)
  • the application you wish to speak to
  • Whether you are speaking in favor or in opposition to the application  If you have any questions at this time, please contact Johannah Womack at 770-920-7260, jwomack@co.douglas.ga.us


The meeting will be livestreamed through Douglas County DCTV23, and can be accessed via the Douglas County website, Douglas County Facebook Happenings, or your local cable channel.