PROPOSED SPLOST RENEWAL

In November, the BOC will be asking the voters to approve renewing the SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax).  If approved by the voters it will continue the additional penny on every dollar for another 6 years.  The projects to be funded with the renewal are yet to be determined, although a draft has been compiled. However, the BOC did change the categories and percentages from the 2016 SPLOST as listed below:

Transportation - 27.8%  (51% in 2016) - Includes roadway improvements and maintenance, sidewalks, rights of way acquisitions, and other projects

Public Safety - 40.8% - (32% in 2016) - Includes upgrades for major equipment, fleet replacement, major building and technology improvements and other projects district

Parks, Rec, Libraries - 20.4% (17% in 2016) - Includes major equipment and facility improvements, new library construction and enhancements, and other projects

Facilities - 11% (Not a category in 2016) - Including facilities acquisition, construction or improvements, infrastructure enhancements, and other project

I did not agree with the percentages the other commissioners established mainly because of the huge reduction in Transportation (mainly road maintenance), which I know to be a priority with our citizens,  and the increase in Parks, Rec and Libraries, due to Commissioner Carthan"s push to build a $12 million library in her district (D3)  Also, since Commissioner Robinson suggested $0 % for transportation in our straw vote, which  not only greatly skewed all the percentages but reduced transportatation  by 45%.

  Commissioners Robinson, Carthan, and Chair Romona Jackson Jones voted against my request to table the vote on the percentages until our next meeting to allow time for citizens’ input. Nevertheless, I do support a SPLOST referendum on the November ballot.

                                                   2022 TAX RATE

The Tax Digest grew around 17% for 2022, which is mainly due to increase in  assessments (property values).  At a meeting last week, the other four commissioners  decided to advertise that they will keep the same millage rate (tax rate) the same as last year at 12.563, with NO ROLL BACK to offset the higher assessment values.  According to State Law, the county must hold three public meetings declaring a “tax increase”.  The PUBLIC MEETINGS will be August 16 at 10 am AND 6 pm, and August 25 at 10 am, at which meeting the vote will be held.  IF the 10.563 millage is adopted, it would mean an additional $10.8 million county taxes.   However, the School Board and Douglasville City Council also are advertising NO ROLLBACK.

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