Although I did not agree with everything about this budget as proposed, I was prepared to vote for it until an eleventh hour addition was made.  Over $200K "discretionary funds" was added to the Tax Commissioner's budget - this was in addition to the budget he presented during the regular budget process.  I have never heard of "discretionary funds" given to anyone other than the "contingentcy fund" held by the Board of Commissioners for unexpected county expenditures.   I did not understand why this was not brought up during the regular budget process, and I disagree with giving ANY department "discretionary funds."  Because of this, I voted NO on the 2019 budget.


Many residents may not be aware of the Vanpool program available here in Douglas County, but it is certainly worthwhile if your commute to and from work is lengthy.  For reasonable fees, you and your fellow workers could share a ride directly to your workplace. 

Recently, three routes had to be eliminated due to low ridership although the cost is much cheaper than driving your personal vehicle back and forth.  This could be due to people being unaware of the service available or uninformed as to how it works.  Many routes go toward Atlanta, but there are even routes that go westward to Alabama and other destinations.  If you are interested at all, I suggest you call and check to see if this program could help save you money on your commute.

The Transportation Center is open 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. The phone number is 770-949-7665, and the e-mail address is connectdouglas@co.douglas.ga.us.


  • Several people have asked why their road (which was on the paving list for 2018) has not been resurfaced yet.  My answer can be summed up in one word….WEATHER.  Paving cannot be done if the surface is wet, and even a couple of dry days may not be sufficient enough time to accomplish this.  I have been assured by our DOT Director that the 2018 list will be finished before starting the 2019 list.  Please be patient.
  • Many complaints have been sent my way about Stewart Mill Road and its numerous potholes.  I understand why people would question why the county has put-off resurfacing such a busy thoroughfare.  I did ask DOT to consider resurfacing from the 3-way stop at Central Church to the 4-way stop at Mill Glen for 2019, but I learned the construction at the intersection at W Stewart Mill/Stewart Mill needs to be completed before going forward with repaving due to the heavy vehicles traveling up and down Stewart Mill.  So, for now, we will have to keep patching…..IF it will dry out long enough to do so.  Our weather has played havoc on the resurfacing program.
  • Citizens can report potholes directly to the County DOT by calling (678) 626-0158 or at roadconditions@co.douglas.ga.us.
  • Oh, and there is Douglas Boulevard!  Although this is in District 4, it is within the jurisdiction of the City of Douglasville.  I have been told by City officials that it is on the list to be repaved in 2019.
  • I-285/I-20 WEST INTERCHANGE – Project in the pipeline to greatly improve this interchange – none too soon. ”GDOT will be performing environmental studies and traffic analysis for this project. The preliminary cost estimate is $790 million.” Follow the progress at http://www.dot.ga.gov/BuildSmart/Projects/Documents/MMIP/Projects/I-285-I-20%20West%20Interchange.pdf#search=PI%200013918 or sign up for updates at
  • (404) 347-0185 or at.westinterchange@dot.ga.gov.  
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