My Visit to Cuba

I recently stopped in Havana Cuba on a cruise, an experience which proved to be an eye-opener, to say the least.  Although I was taught about the bad points of socialism in high school, my visit exemplified just how negative an effect Socialism (Government run everything) plays on human beings and their quality of life.   You could easily envision what a beautiful city Havana once was, but you would be very sadden to see how many great, magnificent Russian influenced buildings constructed many  years back were actually crumbling and going to seed.  You often saw these once beautiful structures deteriorating at the roof level, while people still lived on the lower floors of the building. Laundry hanging out on the balconies was a common sight, as most people do not own a washer and dryer.  The government buildings were, of course, maintained or under reconstruction, while almost every other building was gray  from lack of paint and lack of the variety of color found in most cities in the Caribbean.    There were very few shops around the pier normally found on a Caribbean island, except for the typical flea market.  I was told that businesses were  government controlled.

 Lines of people stood outside the food markets, as food remains rationed.  Although Cuba has free education, I was told by a Cuban native that the government decides what kind of occupation and how far up the ladder you can go, thereby eliminating your personal potential.  Since the government runs the “free” health care, doctors’ salaries are government controlled and often are below that of a tourist guide, since the guides receive tips from the tourists.   I understand the Cuban government has recently allowed the people to have cell phones with limited coverage.  I pondered over what I saw and wondered if those who tout socialism for America really understand just what they would have to give up to receive “free” stuff.  Hmmmm

2019 Committee Assignments

Benefits Committee:                                        Com. Carthan & Chairman Jones

Finance Committee:                                         Com. Robinson & Chairman Jones      

Programming Committee:                               Com. Mitchell & Com. Carthan

Safety Committee:                                            Commissioner Carthan

Technology Committee:                                  Com. Mitchell & Com. Guider

Pension Advisory Board:                                 Chairman Jones & Com. Carthan

Transportation Committee:                             Com. Robinson & Chairman Jones

FIRE/EMS:                                                         Com. Guider & Com. Carthan

Intergovernmental Committee:                           Chairman Jones

Parks & Recreation Oversight Committee:         Com. Mitchell & Com. Carthan

Public Safety Committee:                                    Com. Guider & Chairman Jones

Stakeholders Committee (Villa Rica):                  Chairman Jones, Com. Guider

Purchasing Oversight Committee:                       Com. Carthan & Com. Robinson

Residential Development:                                    Com. Robinson, Chairman Jones

Tax Abatement Compliance:                                Com. Guider & Com. Carthan




The rain delayed the completion of the 2018 resurfacing program, and the county paver was damaged in a recent fire at the equipment barn.  Please be patient, both the 2018 and the 2019 roads will be resurfaced this year.


·         Bright Star @ John West – Turn Lane – Right-of-way acquisition in process – construction this summer.
·         Dorris Road @ Sweetwater/Highpoint – Turn lane -  Right-of-way acquisition in process – construction this summer.
·         Hwy 5 @ Douglas Blvd.  NORTHBOUNDR-Turn lane – in design stage.
·         Hwy 5 @ Douglas Blvd. SOUTHBOUND – Dual L-turn lanes – Construction to begin soon (State project).
·         Stewart Mill @ Reynolds Road – Turn lane -design finishing in next few weeks – construction bid this spring or summer.

POST ROAD BRIDGE – Right-of-way acquisition in process – Construction to begin this summer
WHITESTONE BRIDGE – Construction bid  recently awarded


Residents who live in and around Mirror Lake will be happy to know that your City, County, State and railroad officials have found a solution to the Connors Road RR Crossing problem.  Working together, we all have worked out an agreement of placing an early warning sign at the intersection of Connors Road/Mirror Lake Boulevard that will  inform drivers there is a train sitting on the track at the bottom of the hill, and they should use an alternative route to get to downtown Villa Rica.  This has taken a long time, but the contract to install the warning sign has been awarded and the sign should be installed within a couple of months.

Watch District Dialogue - AJG and the Douglas County Fire Department: