I have been asked to comment about the recent events surrounding the derogatory comments made by the Chairman.  I actually spoke at the Work Session but the media did not cover any part of what I said… hopefully it had nothing to do with me quoting the Bible.   Nevertheless, I will relay to you a recap of what I stated but I have included a link  BELOW to a video recorded  by an individual of the entire meeting (My comments start at the 1:00 mark).

First, I apologized to everyone who was rightfully offended by the statements on behalf of the Board, the County government, and me personally.  I stated how sadden I was for our county and the divide this will probably cause, and how hurt many were.  I spoke about the power of the tongue and how it could be used for good or evil, building up, or tearing down, and that it could not be controlled  but by the power of God.  I shared how our lesson Sunday had been about 1 Peter 3 where the Bible states “Do not repay evil for evil or insults for insults.”  However, once words are spoken they are out there and cannot be pulled back.

I shared how forgiveness is a personal thing that each individual would have to decide.  Then asked, “So where can we go from here”?  I recognized that there is no easy solution but stated how God uses trials to strengthen us and to build our character and that this should be our goal for our county and community…unity… and I asked all the officials with both the City and the County to work together toward that goal.  It is time for our community to start to heal.

There were several people at the meeting requesting the Chairman’s resignation immediately, which he stated he would not do. I personally  believe no one should deny the citizens the right to forgive or to take away their right of a choice on the ballot?  To do otherwise, would further divide this county, and I feel it should be left up to the electorate.  Nevertheless, we now have two Commissioners, Robinson and Mitchell, refusing to attend meetings unless the Chairman resigns.

Please pray for our county for God's help in healing us and bringing us together.  BELOW IS THE VIDEO OF BOC  WORK SESSION LAST MONDAY.



The public meetings on the proposed SPLOST projects have come to an end.  You may recall the survey I sent out to about 500 citizens in District 4 with about 100 responding.  The results to my poll ONLY FAVORED the following:

  • Fire Department equipment/ vehicles/ fire house/renovations/construct new station.
  • Digital Radio System for Public Safety.






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