In the movie Braveheart, you probably remember the famous last scene wherein William Wallace, played by Mel Gibson, is being tortured to his death and with his last breath he cries out “FREEDOM”.  Freedom has been fought for throughout the centuries by those who are oppressed and controlled by others.  Freedom has been the reason America has fought several wars  during our 250+ years of existence costing us thousands of lives in acquiring and protecting it.

Our First Amendment was just one of the freedoms we deemed worth fighting for, as we saw with other countries that once freedom of speech was taken away, it was not long before all inalienable rights were also destroyed.  The First Amendment guarantees that our congress cannot pass any laws to take this freedom away from “we the people”.  However, the dilemma American is currently facing is that it is the large technology corporations who are controlling what information we can access….taking away the platforms where everyone has a voice, as was the original intent of the web.  These corporations have become strong arms that control our speech, and the what and who can be heard.  Whoever thought just a few short years ago that this would be possible in America! The web is not something a few people use, but today is something everyone uses….we are addicted to the internet for social media, for information, for commerce, and for the news.  All are now controlled by a handful of powerful billionaires who look like they stepped out of a sixties movie.

This is just the beginning because they are now using technology to manipulate our minds into changing our ideologies and worldviews into how they believe we should think.  This will destroy not only America as we know it but also our individualism.  Netflix produced a documentary called Social Dilemma on this very topic, currently available, but it will open your eyes and mind.

LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD:   The County is in the process of preparing a strategic plan for Douglas County for the next 5 years, and we are asking for your input and participation.  All you have to do is let me know, by return email that you are willing to have your voice heard.  You will have the opportunity to express what your vision of Douglas County would look like in regards to infrastructure, services, enhancements, growth, facilities, etc.  There would be approximately 3-4 on-line, one hour meetings within the next couple of months.  NOTIFY me at aguider@co.douglas.ga.us if you would like to volunteer.

Douglas County will be borrowing $12 million in TANS (Tax Anticipation Notes) for 2021, compared to $25 million borrowed last year.  Counties use TANS to fund the operation of the county until the property taxes are collected in the fall of the year.

Check out my District Dialogue this month airing on Channel 23 (Comcast) or 99 (U-verse) for travel tips for 2021.  Patti Wenck of Wenck Travel is my guest on the show.  District Dialogue airs at 5 pm daily and will also be available online on our county website, Facebook, and YouTube.

Beware of HR1 being considered by Congress, bearing the name of “FOR The People” Act.  This Resolution is anything but “for the people” but rather for more power of the federal government.  It would place our elections under the control of the Federal Government and would allow felons to vote, remove ID requirements to vote, allow election-day registration, and allow massive mail-outs of ballots. Currently, the States regulate their elections.

“A popular government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy, or perhaps both.”  James Madison