The BOC’s meeting last Tuesday, unfortunately, turned heated and I must, in all honestly, admit that I participated…for which I sincerely apologize to the citizens.  I became very upset when I learned that the Parks and Rec Committee had not only remove the  $539K funding for the upper field at Winston park from the Splost project list but also had added a NEW project for a soccer field in District 2 (Commissioner Robinson) at a cost of more than $300k.  We were discussing the fact that the Splost had brought in several million dollars in addition to what was estimated to be collected.  The revised list only included a few thousand dollars for “conceptional” drawings for the upper Winston park while removing the renovation funding that had been on the list all along.  Without consulting with me, the Parks and Rec Committee, chaired by Commissioner Henry Mitchell, recommended this revised list. 

The concession stand on the upper field at Winston is one of the oldest in the county and is in terrible condition (per P and R Director Dukes) and it is an embarrassment to the county.  It has been in dire need of repair for years…a fact known even before the projects were compiled by the P and R Department for suggested Splost funded projects.  Now they are saying there is not enough money in the current Splost to fund what will be required to renovate the park (although they submitted the original repair needs) and are telling that community to wait 2-3 years IN HOPES that the citizens will vote to renew the Splost.  We have waited patiently 5 years as millions upon millions of Splost dollars were spent on the other side of the county only to be told “maybe next time.” 

Commissioner Mitchell repeatedly suggests District 4 is not entitled to an equitable share of the P and R Splost funding because, in a straw vote I took months before the Splost was placed on the ballot, the 500 citizens who participated voted in favor of the Fire/EMS, Co-wide Radio System, and Transportation.  Another county-wide vote on FB was taken by an individual and the result was likewise. I wonder if he has considered the fact that once the Splost passed that ALL the citizens throughout the county must pay for it and are entitled to benefit from it.

The Good News is that it may be funded from the federal American Rescue Grant, partly because of the bad condition of the building and the area it will serve.  Madam Chair and I worked together to come up with a compromise to have it included on the grant list. Hopefully it will not get removed.


It appears that the OPEN HOUSE on this project is to be VIRTUAL.

WHERE: https://sr-5-intersection-improvements-0009836-gdot.hub.arcgis.com/ [gcc02.safelinks.protection.outlook.com]

WHENOCTOBER 25 - NOVEMBER 30 – NOW available for public comment

***There is a tab to PROJECT LAYOUT to view the actual layout of the project about halfway down the LEFT hand side ABOVE PICTURE. It is a little hard to find.


Douglas County will be purchasing two new fire trucks and one new ladder truck earlier than expected with SPLOST funds due to the higher collection rate.  The Fire Department also graduated 24 recruits this week!  Staffing problems has plagued the department as competition between the area counties has continued.  However, due to the federal American Rescue Grant (totaling $28 million over a 2-year span) Public Safety will also see an increase in pay in the near future.



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