It is perplexing as I watch the news to see people in the streets of Cuba shouting “Freedom” while waving the American flag and later seeing the people in the streets of America burning that same flag. One must ask how can citizens of a foreign country respect our flag and recognize its values more than those who have lived in America all of their lives?  Perhaps the answer is that those living in other countries have witnessed first-hand life under the rule of a tyrannical government while we take for granted the liberties and freedom we enjoy every day.

I personally witnessed the long lines outside the food stores in Cuba while traveling there before the ports were closed.  Food in Cuba is rationed to the point of starvation to the average person, while the government officials live as royalty.  Someone told me each person is allotted 5 eggs a month.  Just recently the government blocked access to the internet to all their citizens to prohibit them from knowing what is going on in the country.  Can you imagine how Americans would react to that…although we now see that creeping into America in the form of censorship by Big Tech…and it frightens me to say with the consent of our government?

I only wish those Americans pushing for socialism/Marxism here in America could sit down and talk to those people in Cuba….or even Hong Kong where the same thing is happening…just to hear the other point of view, since we no longer hear this in our colleges and schools.  Socialism is one step away from communism.  You would think we would have curiosity about why we burn our flag and they wave it.  Even with all the past sins and short-comings America has and still has…along with every country that exists today or has every existed…it is still the greatest country on God’s earth.  I am not saying she is perfect, but if you are looking for perfection you will not find it in this world, and you will miss the blessings you already enjoy while seeking it.  It is simply the difference of freedom versus slavery, choosing whether you want to have the right of “pursuit of happiness” or have the government determine what happiness you can have.  God Bless America!!


The numbers from the 2020 Census have been released.  The 2020 Census will be used to determine how many congressional seats each state receives in  terms of changes in congressional seats.  According to the counts, “this is the smallest change since 1941”.  Georgia’s number of congressional seats remains the same; however the states of Texas, Florida, and North Carolina gained seats and West Virginia lost a seat.  “One congressional seat now represents 761,169 people, which is an increase of about 50,000 people”.

Highlights in the press release included the following:  “The US population per the 2020 Census is 331, 449, 281. The Georgia population is 10,711,908.  Georgia had a 10.6% increase in population from 2010. As a country, our population has increased by 7.4% since 2010 with the south having the fastest growth of any other region at 10.2%. However, as a country we have experienced the slowest growth rate since the 1940 Census.  The state with the highest population is California and the state with the lowest population is Wyoming. The fastest population growth state was Utah. You can view the population and apportionment maps which shows growth by the US, region, and state from 1910-2020  here. []

“Redistricting data will be distributed on August 16 (this is the untabulated,legacy files) with the finalized files being distributed by September 30. As a reminder, Georgia has the technical capacity to tabulate the legacy data that will be distributed on August 16. This data will have the county and city level data as well as demographic data for the state.”  The Board of Commissioners will use this data when redrawing county districts; this process should start in August or September.

Further information regarding the above reapportionment release may be accessed at 2020 Census Apportionment Counts Press Kit [].

The Board of Commissioners will be having their Mid-year Budget Retreat on August 12 and 13 at the new Senior Citizen facility in Lithia Springs
The Trailhead at Clinton Nature Preserve (8720 Ephesus Church Road) is officially opened.  Most everyone in the western side of the county know about Clinton park, which offers 10 miles of hiking/biking trails on 200 acres of beautiful terrain, a walking track, an ADA playground, picnic pavilions, and open areas to enjoy.  The new Trailhead also includes a new pavilion and a mini amphitheater.
Small Business Grants in the amount of $2500 are still available.  To apply or obtain further information go to or email

"A Nation of well informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved.  It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins."

Benjamin Franklin



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